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Sample Nursery / School Shop To Try

Welcome to The Logo Centre’s School / Nursery sample page.

We have made this page to explain how easy it can be for you as a school or your children’s parents to order their School / Nursery uniform.

We can offer a choice of two different sites, both look and work in very similar ways, and there is no set up cost for either site.

Public Site: This is where you have nothing to do once it has been set up.

We will load the site with whichever garments and wording you choose. Once we have shown you the site and you have approved it, all you have to do is notify your parents. This can be done with a link from your school website to ours, or any other way you communicate with them such as newsletters or parent mail.

Parents would be able to go to our site, click on the school shop tab at the top of our page and then click on your school / Nursery logo to take them through to your site page. From here, they would choose the garments they require, fill out their name and address, and pay for it including the postage of £3.99. A confirmation email will then be received and we will arrange delivery of their order to the given address.

Private Site: As above we would load this site with whichever garments you choose, this can be both the children’s and staff’s uniform.

Once we have shown you the site and you are happy with it, you would be able to order day or night by going to our site and clicking on the orange box at the top right hand side saying “Your Account”.

Simply sign into your account with your username and password and place your order as required, you will receive a confirmation email once you have ordered. If you have set up an account with us, we will send you the invoice along with your order, all order over £250.00 will be free delivery.

If you have more than one School / Nursery, we can set up duplicate sites, which enable each School / Nursery to order their own uniforms.

Some customers have both sites, one for parents and the other for their staff, it’s whatever works best for you, and remember there is no cost for setting up your ordering site.

This sample site is familiar to the one we use for the Public Site but the Private Site is very similar.

Please click on any garment to see how it works, but remember to stop when it asks you for your payment details.

If you would like anymore information on either or both of these sites, please contact us on 020 8310 3030 where we will be happy to help with any question you may have.

(Please note you can not order from this page it is to show you the service we can offer you)

We hope this helps to explain how easy it can be for you or your children’s parents to order your School / Nursery uniforms, please remember we are here to help as we know you have more than enough things to worry about.

Please contact us on 020 8310 3030 or email if you need anymore information.