Work Sweatshirts - Embroidered and Printed

Sweatshirts are a staple in both workwear and casual wear. They are comfortable, warm and perfect for team building events. A great way to promote team unity is by getting customised sweatshirts with your company logo on them.

At The Logo Centre customisation can be achieved through embroidery or printing. Embroidery is a great option for a more classic and sophisticated look. It involves stitching your logo onto the sweatshirt. Printing, on the other hand, is a more modern and cost-effective option. It involves printing your logo onto the sweatshirt using a special printing technique.

Both options can be customised to suit your team's needs. You can choose from a variety of colours, fabrics and styles to match your team's brand and identity.

In addition to promoting team unity, customised sweatshirts also serve as a great marketing tool. Your team will be walking billboards, showcasing your company logo wherever they go.

Investing in customised sweatshirts is a win-win for your team and your company. You'll keep your team warm and comfortable, while also promoting your brand and fostering team unity.